RAIN Bar & Restaurant Desserts and Coffees Menu

(Available everyday until 3pm - click here to download our menu)


Crumble black doris plum & mixed berry with vanilla bean ice cream 14 (GF)(V)
Dessert Sandwich with chunky choc chip, vanilla bean ice cream, caramel sauce & toasted meringue 13 (V)
Steamed chocolate pudding bourbon caramel sauce with vanilla bean ice cream 13 (V)
Tiramisu coffee liquer infused ladyfingers, house-made mascarpone, chocolate & freshly whipped cream 14 (V)



Short Black 4.5
Long Black 4.5
Americano 4.5
Flat White 5
Cappucino 5
Latte 5
Mochaccino 5
Chai Latte 5
Hot Chocolate 5


Liquered Coffees

Baileys Liquer 12
Frangelico Liquer 12
Irish Whiskey 12
Butterscotch Liquer 12


(GF): Gluten Free 2 (GFO): Gluten Free Option 2 (V): Vegetarian (VO): Veggie Option (DF): Diary Free (DFO): Dairy Free Option (VG): Vegan