Feijoa Martinis with Jesse & Emily

Feijoa Martinis!

We're keeping cosy in our bubbles across the Bay of Plenty, and hope that you are happy and healthy too! Jesse & Emily are on the tools this week, and have been whipping up Feijoa Martinis left, right and centre. 

60ml vodka
6 feijoas
30ml sugar syrup
30ml milk
120ml pineapple juice
Lavender to garnish

- Scoop out the flesh of feijoas and whiz in a blender for several seconds.
- Pour into a glass, add the sugar syrup, milk and pineapple juice. Muddle just enough to dissolve the sugar.
- Add vodka and stir together. Fill another glass with crushed ice and strain contents over top.
- Garnish with a sprig of lavender. 


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